Who we are

Northside Rollers is a women’s flat-track roller derby league, located in the northern suburbs of Melbourne, Australia. We’re a not-for-profit association, owned and run by our members, and we train and play in the Reservoir/Preston area. We’re also a Full Member League of the Women’s Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA).

We’re always looking for new skaters, referees, non-skating officials (NSOs) and other volunteers, male and female. While only women can be skaters in our league, anyone can be a referee or NSO, or even just volunteer at our games.

If you don’t know how to skate, join our Fresh Meat program and we’ll train you! We believe that there’s a place for everyone in roller derby, so why not have a go?!

Our Teams

The Northside Rollers are a WFTDA representative league with four teams.

Our two home teams, the Pulp Vixens and the Sisters of Anarchy, play during the year. Keep an eye out for upcoming games.

Our travel teams, the Death Stars (A team) and the Rebel Alliance (B team), play against leagues from around Australia & New Zealand and represent the Northside Rollers in tournaments such as The Great Southern Slam, Quad Save the Queen and the Bendigo Rebellion.

Death Stars

(A Travel Team)death-stars

Rebel Alliance

(B Travel Team)rebel-alliance

Pulp Vixens

(Home Team)pulp-vixens

Sisters of Anarchy

(Home Team)sisters-of-anarchy

Our History

The beginnings of the Northside Rollers (NSR) can be traced back to May of 2010, when a Roller Derby Social Skate at Puckhandlers Stadium brought together a baker’s dozen of skaters – some already skilled, others still finding their feet, but all eager to get into the exciting sport of roller derby.
Over the next several months, the group continued to evolve, and by November a group of committed skaters officially formed the Northside Rollers, incorporating it and electing the first Executive Committee. By the end of the year, the new league was gaining both members and momentum.

NSR spent 2011 continuing to train and hone skills, going to a regional camp in Daylesford in February and meeting skaters from LaTrobe City Roller Derby (LCRD), another new league at a similar skill level; later that year the two leagues played their debut game against each other at Puckhandlers, NSR’s home venue, with NSR’s Death Stars taking on the LaTrobe City Mega Hertz. It was the beginning of a beautiful friendship that continues to this day.

In early February, 2012, NSR hosted an intensive weekend boot camp taught by Rose City Rollers (Portland, USA) skaters Mel Mangles and Scratcher in the Eye, culminating in a game called the Brawlroom Blitz. The Death Stars continued to rack up games throughout 2012, playing in the Great Southern Slam and against WIRD (Wollongong), SSRD (Mornington Peninsula) and the local Victoria Roller Derby League’s (VRDL) Gold Lions. By this point NSR had enough competition level players to form its first two home teams – the Pulp Vixens and the Sisters of Anarchy – who squared off in home games in September and December; in between, the newly formed B travel team, the Rebel Alliance, made their debut against local league West Side Derby Dollz (WSDD) in November.

In 2013, NSR hosted our ‘May the Fourth’ doubleheader – our most-attended event ever – which saw the Rebel Alliance play local league Diamond Valley (DVRDC) and the Death Stars take on Adelaide’s ADRC travel team, the Radeladies. In late June the Rebel Alliance travelled up to NSW to play Albury’s Murray River Derby Dames (MRDD), while the Death Stars earned a fantastic 4th place across two states in the inaugural Victoria–Tasmania Tournament. Two more home games and a doubleheader travel event against East Vic (EVRD) rounded out the year, all topped by the proud announcement that Northside had been accepted as one of the newest Apprentice Leagues of the Women’s Flat-Track Roller Derby Association (WFTDA).

In 2014 we hosted two home-season games and a May the Fourth travel team triple-header. Our A team, the Death Stars, made it to the quarterfinals of Division 1 at The Great Southern Slam (TGSS) – the largest roller derby tournament in world! – in Adelaide in June, coming in the Top 8 teams for that division. Later we held the Battle for the Bay tournament with Geelong Roller Derby League (GRDL) – our Pulp Vixens and Sisters of Anarchy against their two home teams, playing across four double-header dates. Geelong’s teams came out on top in first and second place, with the Vixens and the Sisters finishing in third and fourth place respectively.

November saw the Death Stars finishing in fourth place of Division 1 at the inaugural round of the Bendigo Rebellion after three closely fought rounds against GRDL, the Convict City Rollers (CCR), and South Sea Roller Derby (SSRD). Our final public game for the year invited family and friends to see our A and B teams play Derby United (WSDD/DVRDC/NERD) and Sparkle Motion (VRDL), with the Death Stars winning 73-65 against Sparkle Motion.

On December 24th, 2014 the WFTDA announced that Northside Rollers had earned their status as a full member league. The Death Stars played the first game for NSR with their full WFTDA-member status at the Bont Invitational in January 2015.

From a group of social skaters to four competitive teams within two years, the Northside Rollers have grown by leaps and bounds. Want to become part of our story? Come skate, officiate or volunteer with us!